Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Favorite Words

What are your favorite words?

I'm not talking about words that you love, but words that are actually your favorite...the words you overuse.  I have been using a word cloud to show me the words that throughout my novel I've used Wordle to create a word map of the most common words in my novel. 

I'm okay with some of the most common words.  "Altis", "Bahlym", "Meena", "Adara" and "Nazarie" are major charecotrs.  "Mist" and "Edge" are two actual things...very important things.  Interestingly, the word Hailey, my main character's name, does not appear. However, it's first person and she doesn't run around thinking about her name that often.  So I guess that makes sense.

There are other words that aren't too great--words such as "back", "like", "one", "think", "around" and "see".  My plan is to go through my novel and limit my use of those words.

What words do you use the most?

2 tidbits:

stu said...

There's Hailey, very small and just above one.

Lauren said...

@stu - Hey! Great catch! :)

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