Monday, May 31, 2010

Start of Summer

Happy Unoffical Start to Summer!  I've had a crazy first half of the year.  Work's been insane.  Very busy with a big project which has completely derailed my writing.  But, something amazing happened this weekend...I started writing again...something that I've not done since around Thanksgiving.  I got only about 700 words in, but it's better than the 0 I've gotten the rest of year...and the 700 words is net...there was a bunch that I had to rip out and I'll be working more tonight, which is great.  I finally feel like being creative again, which I've missed.  It's a funny thing to miss writing.  I knew that I could open up my document on the computer and stare at that blinking little line and maybe put words next to each other, but I was just wasn't feeling it even though I missed writing.  Weird, I know.  But today!  Today, I went to the Coffee Studio and put good ones next to good words and ripped some not so good ones out and thought of a much better progression and minor character development.

Other than the writing, things are going okay.  I'm time sharing a sailboat, which is heaps of fun and might require the addition of pirates into my novel.  Well, not the current WiP as it's all plotted out, but maybe the next one! That's me sailing the boat off to the side.  It's so relaxing...I feel like I'm on a vacation even though I'm still at home in Chicago.  I even have the horible vacation tan line complete with sun burn.  Not fun, but worth it.

It's been exciting to follow/lurk on everyone's blogs over the past several months.  Many people that were just figuring it out as I was are now getting agents and book deals which is crazy exciting!

So, everyone out there, how has it been?  How is your summer shaping up and how is the writing going?

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