Thursday, October 31, 2013


Welcome to day T-1 of NaNoWriMo, a month where writers make a goal to write a 50,000 word novel.

I'm not doing that.  I'm going to try something a bit different.

My goal is to revise my very rough first draft.  My goal is to polish up a chapter a day, starting today.  I've got 31 chapters, so starting a day early will let me get through everything by the end of the month.

I'm a very basic/outliney draft writer.  I don't write much prose.  I write tight dialog with a few sketches of who is where.  So I need to go back and fill in the lines.  Also, all of my battle scenes current read something like A fights B or A fights and wins.  As I said, basic/outliney.  It's just my process.  I even still have a few chapters that are a couple sentences long.

So, one could argue that I'm not even done with my first draft.  But, I'm excited and ready to take it to the next level using NaNo as my driver.

Anyone else out there doing a modified NaNo?  What are you doing?

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