Monday, August 3, 2009


Those of you who read by blog know that I am almost obsessed with goals, but from time to time my motivation totally takes a dive bomb. That happened last week, which really ticks me off since I had the whole week off. I did go into work one of the days, but the others...what did I do? A big fat nothing. Well, I went to a networking event and hung out with some friends on a few of the nights and did write a couple papers, but for the most part I hibernated. All that stuff was less than I do on a normal week. Admittedly, I wasn't feeling very well. But still. Mostly I feel bad because I promised Jill, my friend who I am starting a company with, that I was going to spend all week working on business stuff and I promised my crit partner that I'd read her stuff and I promised by beta readers that I'd get them two sets of my novel. Then I started to feel bad about it so did even less work. Bad cycle.

I don't talk about my ADHD on this blog much, but I'm unmedicated. The meds just make me lose all appatite (which I suppose would be good right now with the whole weight gain). I got down to 85 pounds when I was on it a few years ago, which was just unacceptable. I tried again later but kept forgetting to schedule the appointment to get more (yes, sterotype).

I'm bad too. It can be funny ( did my debit card get in the fridge??). It can be annoying (where are my keys??). It can be a time waster. Seriously, if anything is in my hand and I see anything at all what ever is in my hand is magically transported to the floor.

But this is why I am a list and goal person. It helps me get stuff done. I guess that I should have predicted this would happen. I need structure. Without it time just sort of evaporates. But now I feel so behind and bad. Back to the lists. Back to the schedule. I think that it will be good for me.

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Andrea Coulter said...

The motivation dips happen to everyone--try not to beat yourself up over it. Sometimes you just need some down time. And you do a great job on being proactive on goals, so focus on that :)

PJ Hoover said...

Sometimes a week off is a good thing. But i agree - too much and I crave my lists again!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been experiencing something of a dip myself and I can't afford it. But sometimes we just really have to get away from stuff.

stu said...

Put like that, it's a good case for using lists. The car keys aren't your fault though. They move on their own. It's (not quite) a scientific fact.

Lauren said...

@lynn- I just had all these high hopes. Hopefully this week ends up being more productive :)

@PJ- I just feel so badly when I think about what I have done and have nothing to point to. Oh well, just means that I am well, rested!

@charles- Well, i guess that is what summer is for :)

@stu- Yes, the car keys happen to everyone. I am better than I used to be as my hubby is very paitent and often finds my wayward items and migrates them to their rightful places. However, I still have no idea how the dog's collar ended up in my bookbag and things can only be put back if they are findable. :-P


I think dips are just ok - sometimes you learn something from them that you would have otherwise missed. Must be a point to them really ... even if we have no idea what !

KC said...

Sometimes it's hard to always be motivated all the time. I know I find it hard. But at least you know when you aren't being motivated...I know way too many people who just don't see it and continue to waste away every single day for months.

And lists are fun and always keep me on track as well! And like everyone else said it's good to take a break from all the hardwork!

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