Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Month Two of 105 Goals

Below are the items that I have accomplished within the past month. I really didn't do much during the first month. It's only been about 8% of the time thus far, but I've done far fewer than 8% of the goals (which might have been to lofty and might need to be adjusted down a little, we shall see). My time is ticking away, but once school is done I will have more time to pursue these endeavors.

# 4 Burlesque class for three sessions (1/3) -- 1 added :)

I found a local studio that offers some nice classes and took the intro four week class. It's awesome. Very much all about feel confident as women.

# 18 Go to ten Chicago-area street fairs (2/10) -- 2 added :)
At the Taste of Chicago

At the Greek Festival (I am drinking a Greek beer in this pic...it was okay)

# 20 Go to a Cubs, Bears, Fire and Blackhawks game (1/4) -- 1 added :)

At Wriggly (cubs) with Mike, our new Financial Planner who took us. Sounds soo funny to say that. My guess is his real clients bailed so he took the nice-seeming ones :) I really liked him and his wife, also named Lauren. Good people. However, we have only done insurance with him...will wait to do actual financial planning once school is done and refi nightmare is over.

# 25 Take ten hikes out of the 60 Hikes in 60 Miles of Chicago book (1/10) -- 1 added :)

At Deer Grove Loop

# 26 Volunteer with Pete five times (1/5) -- 1 added :)

Pete at a little park off of Irving Park Road on the north side

# 33 Have a picnic (1/1) -- 1 added :)

At Lake Michigan only 3 blocks from the condo :) We took my sister and her family here on Friday night. The kiddos had a great time!

# 36 Do ten "touristy" things in Chicago (3/10) -- 3 added :)

At the 4th of July Fireworks

Rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Boat Cruise Along Lake Michigan (with my nieces and nephew--above is me and Mini Me on the cruise)

# 39 Get life insurance (1/1) -- 1 added :)

# 46 Get a grill (1/1) -- 1 added :)

Pete with his grill (actually got a portable one as it fit better in our spot, so in this picture we took it to the Chicago lakefront for the picnic we had with my sister's family)

# 95 Take each kid out to something fun three times (2/9) -- 2 added :)

Ice Skating with Mini Me

Ice Skating with Blondie Girl

ok, ok, it was at the same time, but I am counting it as two

# 99 Do twenty things in the heart box (1/20) -- 1 added :)

The heart box is something that I gave to Pete on our wedding day that had enough date ideas to do something every week for three years. We were suppose to then do something from the heart box every week, but that didn't pan out.

Us at Brassiere Jo's

# Do something with a friend that they have never done before

At the Butterfly Room in the Nature Museum with Meena, who had never been before. The flying butterflies were tough to catch, but they were all over the place!

So, to all of you out in blog land, I have a question. I am trying to think of something to swap out one of my classes with (I don't want to do horseback riding...too far away). Recalling that my other classes are: Ballroom Dancing, Piano, Spanish, Burlesque, pottery, woodworking?, something else artistic, project managment, Photography, Wine Class, Motorcycle, Martial Arts and Belly Dance, do you have any suggestions for a fun class to strech me creativily, mentally or physically?

10 tidbits:

Charles Gramlich said...

That seems like a pretty stretching list already. I hope you're writing down the memories you're making. They'll be great story fodder one of these days.

Spy Scribbler said...

Taekwondo! It's the best fun I ever had in my whole life.

You're my total hero, Lauren! I remember you told us before, but I can't find it. Why 105? And how long do you have to make 105? I should try something like this!

Lauren said...

@charles- I don't want to add to the list, but swap off, which is one of my rules :) I am saving the images, but that's a really good idea to save the stories too. Maybe I will build a shutterfly book with all the stories :)

@spy- There's this "thing" where you do 101 goals in 1001 days--it's called Day Zero (http://www.dayzeroproject.com/). My 1001st day will be February 3, 2012, but I am thinking about giving myself an extra weeks since I spent the first couple of weeks thinking about what to do.

Taekwondo does sound like fun :) I want to do something martial arts related. Maybe it will be that. :) That is a great idea!

I am enjoying the whole list of goals thing. It's fun. You should totally make one :)

Andrea Coulter said...

you're so great with the pics on your blog; I always forget to take pictures and if I do remember, I forget to load them onto my computer!

Have you tried fencing? It's fun, and trying to stab an opponent is definitely mentally challenging :) Plus it's a great workout! See if there's a local fencing club that will give low-priced intro classes and provide equipment.

stu said...

I'd second the comment about fencing, at least if you can find a class that suits you. With anything like this, or indeed the martial arts in general, it's mostly about finding somewhere you fit and where you get on with the instructors.

Lauren said...

@lynn- The pictures take *forever*. Often I put off posting because of the pictures. I have a rule that I am suppose to do a picture with each post. I do slack on that, but not too often. I have plenty of pics. I am a bit of a picture-Nazi,actually (like the Soup-Nazi, but in reverse). Since I take them I feel that I ought to use them.

@lynn (again) and @stu- Fencing is a fabulous idea! Especially since I do write fight scenes. Wow! I am going to add it. Thanks!!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

This is such a great idea! I'm copying you when we get out of here. :)

I can't think of any classes -- you've done so many already, most of which sound interesting to me!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

You do all those classes? Amazing! I think your goal-setting is great.

Anonymous said...

You have done a lot. Very cool.

Cute Cubbies shirt. I'd like to go to Wrigley sometime. I'll be lucky if I get to PNC Park anytime soon, though.

Liked the pic of you and mini-me.

Great idea about the heart box. My wife and I should've done that before the kids came along.

Lauren said...

@melanie- You totally should! I think that it will help motivate me to do more things :) Or that's the idea anyway :)

@raph- I don't do them yet, but the goal is to try each of them before February of 2011.

@writer- Thanks, I actually didn't have a cubbies shirt when we were inivted to the game and I managed to find it just before the game. Grumpy cubbie :)

You can still have a heart box, but with kid-friendly activities! I tore paper into eights and then folded it over to make a little card. Then I wrote the idea on the inside. On the outside I drew pictographs (sun for summer, snow flakes for winter, house for inside, "yum" if a meal was included, etc and $ signs for approx cost estimations and time estimations). We were to pick the card based on the pictograph and have a surprise idea, but one that we liked (else I wouldn't have made a card for it) and one that was within our weekly budget or seasonally appropriate. I bet it would work great with kiddos. They can pick by the picture and then you can do a family trip together!

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