Thursday, June 4, 2009


I know I've been awful and not updating. I have been trying to comment. It's just been really busy around here, BUT I've been making some decent progress, which is good! Each time that I do a goals update I will put a pic representing one of the goals or a story around my goals.

# 4 Burlesque class for five sessions- I had my first class on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun! The class is all about being active and feeling good about being a woman. As they said "there's no wrong, only better." I love that! I also told my mother who was, shall we say, under-impressed. Hah. It's just an exercise class. Geesh. :-P
# 19 Go to a concert at Ravinia- Set up to see Beach Boys in a month! I would like to go another time (if this goes well) to see something classical, but I have a group of friends who are going, which will make the Ravinia outdoor concert so much more fun :)
# 32 Teach Sadie three new tricks- While working on "Say Your Prayers" Sadie got a bit too enthusiastic and bumped her chin on the bench (she missed putting her paws there...she's a silly dog) so now refuses to the trick no matter what treat we have. The above picture is her laying next to the Bench-that-Bit-Her (but this was taken over a year ago). Poor little guy. She really whacked herself good. Still not sure how, though. Sadie, your paws are suppose to go gently, not your head violently! :( Will have to find a new trick.
# 37 Drive a stick shift car by myself ten times- My friend Ducky has offered to teach me. I was thinking about having the hubby teach me, but somehow I think that wouldn't go well.
# 38 Graduate from college- As always, had classes etc.
# 39 Get life insurance- Met with an agent today who is actually an all around financial planner so will work with him for more than just the life (and disability) insurance (# 58 Get a financial adviser and many of the other financial goals)
# 86 Create the Any Gift Site- Actually been swapped with a different business idea (see below). Been working a bunch on this recently. It is actually the primary reason that I have not been blogging too much the past couple weeks. No worries, I am planning on being better about blogging.

# 31 Put change in some one's expired meter changed to buy lunch/dinner for a table of cops. Several of the restaurants I go to are near police beats and from time to time I see them eating during their dinner break. Next time I will tell the waiter that I want to pick up the tab and to not tell them who, except for saying something who is thankful for their work.
# 86 Create the Any Gift Site to Create OurWorld Site- One of my best friends here in Chicago had a fabulous idea for a website AND asked me to do it with her. It's much better than the AnyGift site. I'm actually going to have an invitation only pre-alpha release which will just have a very small set of the social networking pieces live. Those parts are going to be yelp meets wikipedia, but for a certain industry. Sorry for being vauge. I will be more specific on my pre-alpha release post in a couple months :-P. All of you who are interested will be invited! Don't worry, wait to say interest until you know what it is that you are interested in :-P

Next week:
# 18 Go to ten Chicago-area street fairs- Will be hitting up 57th Street Art Fair this weekend. Should be good times.
# 38 Graduate from college - Will finish my econ paper this weekend (before the fair) and will email/call about econ midterm. Also, have other work to do.
# 50 Get some form of art for every room of the condo- With any luck will find something at the 57th Street Art Fair.
# 53 Refinance condo- Should be submitting paper work next week.
# 85 Finish writing three novels - I have been uber slacky on this front, but next week I am going to not go out much and really make an effort to get sections 3 and 4 out the door. I promise.
# 86 Create OurWorld Site- Top Secret :-P. (We just have to incorporate and get the pre-alpha live before I can really talk in specifics...sorry for the vagueness, I'm not trying to be cute/silly, it's just in the planning phases so we have to keep the specifics on the down low)
# 93 Write snail mail to the kiddos ten times- Will write a note telling them how excited we are for them to come visit.

Overall next week I am not going to go out as much as I did this week (where I've had something every night) so that I can work a bit harder on my internal goals. It is almost a month in and I've got a lot yet to do!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Finish writing 3 novels? I'd settle for one.

Lauren said...

@Charles- It's over three years :). But yes, I'd be super happy with one :)

Anonymous said...

#4 - "I also told my mother who was, shall we say, under-impressed. It's just an exercise class. " He he he.

#19 Beach Boys would be cool!

Good luck with the three novels, I'm crawling towards finishing mine.

Robyn Campbell said...

Glad to see you Lauren. You're doing it all, so we don't have to! *GRINS*

Spy Scribbler said...

Burlesque class sounds fun! And so cool about the cops. You have such interesting goals. I think I need to do a goal list like that.

Very cool, Lauren!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I do admire you for having all these goals!

One of my goals for this week is to eat less chocolate. (I deliberately ate even more than usual last week, so it will be easier!!)

The Blonde Duck said...

Dang girl! You've got my head spinning!

Merisi said...

Blond Duck said it already, my head's spinning too, Lauren!

I think you need to be a little easier on yourself. Yes, staying home a day or two to dedicate to writing could take you towards your goal of finding more time to write. Forget about three novels, you should count yourself extremely lucky if you can see the end of one within three years (you don't yours to be one of those books that are full of promise, but then let the reader down, do you? Good thing takes time!).

Great, you are going to a Beach Boys Concert!!! Imagine, I remember the times when they played on the Mall in Washington DC on the Fourth of July (and Nancy Reagan defending them as making good family music, after the interior minister - Watt? - put his foot in the mouth by declaring he will clean up the festivities, get rid of them, to make the even more family friendly *giggle*).

Good luck! :-)

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