Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Goals Update

I had a pretty okay week. This was my first week moving towards my list of 105 goals. One down 143 to go.

These were the goals that I made effort towards last week:
# 38 Graduate from college: I took my exams, signed up for my last semester of classes and submitted my degree check. I also was able to successfully petition my extension on my correspondence econ class, which was good since I've not had much time to work on it. Great progress, but consumed pretty much all of my non-work-time existence.
# 32 Teach Sadie three new tricks: I started teaching Sadie "say your prayers." Eventually this will make her put her paws on a nearby chair (while sitting) and put her nose under one of her paws. Right now she can put her paws on the chair but then gets really excited and runs off to find a toy.... Pete is working on Roll Over. Not going very well.
# 25 Be an egg donor: I was picked by a couple!! I will give more details about this sometime next week. But basically, I have signed up to undergo a procedure to harvest a few eggs so that a couple with fertility issues can have a child. This will allow a future mother with problems with her own eggs still experience being pregnant with her husband's child.
# 17 Get a leadership position in JLC: I don't know if this counts, but last night at our general meeting, I was one of ~10% of associate (new) members given the shining star award. This basically says that you are a good member of the junior league and tried hard to do a good job. This means that people are noticing so is a very small part towards moving towards eventually having some sort of leadership role.

Next week I will work towards:
# 4 Burlesque for three sessions: I will sign up for a burlesque class. Forgot to do this last week.
# 53 Refinance condo: Pete didn't make too much progress. I will follow up with him some more.
# 38 Graduate from college: I will work on my first paper for that econ class.
# 85 Finish writing three novels: I have my next set of work due to my wonderful betas on Sunday.
# 32 Teach Sadie three new tricks: Going to try to keep working on "Say Your Prayers".
# 17 Get a leadership position in JLC: I am going to help approach Pompeii for them to partner with us. Not sure what that means yet. Will find out more soon.

I am okay with the amount of progress made last week because I am happy with the results of my finals, but I wish that I'd been able to work more on my novel. It makes me a little sad that the correspondence class is going to take up so much of my existence. Also, it's not on the list, but I am in the application process for a job and I have to write this little program. It's fun, and the basic part is done, but I want to wow them with my awesomeness, so that, too will eat away at a large part of my weekend. They sound great, but I am okay with where I am too, despite the problems. I definitely have an open mind though! I am more concerned about my career down the road and I'm not thinking where I am is that great long term. We will see.

A couple things that I found funny in reviewing my list: there wasn't too much that was directly work related...or at least not as much as there would have been a couple years ago. Perhaps this means that I am more comfortable with where I am professionally.

Starting next week I will upload images of me working my goals. If anyone else out there is thinking about starting your own list, please let me know :) I hope that I have maybe inspired someone or, if you found me because of my list and are going to start your own let me know and we can encourage each other :) What else is blogging about but that :)

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Tana said...

Wow, great concise goals!

Anonymous said...

Great progress and an interesting post on your efforts to meet your goals (I know, that was the most generic, boring sentence ever written).

I'm thinking very hard about creating goals for myself. Maybe I'll do ten writing goals or something.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that "# 25 Be an egg donor:" is very amazing.

Lauren said...

@T.Anne- Thank you :)

@writer- I am a little worried that people will think that I am weird for being an egg I am also little scared, but I know it is for a good cause.

You should create a list! Ten writing goals sounds like a great idea. I think that goal setting really helps people reach higher because they know what they are aiming for :) Although I am sure readers of my blog know my obsession with lists of

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Congratulations, Lauren! Hope your goals continue going well.

I like goals too. I set my goals from my values first - defining the four main value areas in life and then deciding which goals best help me live my life according to the values. (Hope that makes sense, I've not expressed it very concisely!!)

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

nice of you on the egg donor thing. :) you'll make a couple very happy.

Gutsy Living said...

I am impressed with how organized and focused you are. Well done on your exams. Do you know the parents whom you're donating eggs to?

Unknown said...

I'm thinking about starting my own list ... I just haven't a clue where to start : )

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

OH wow. You are a much better person than me! I am in awe of 25 by the way.

Andrea Coulter said...

good luck with programming--it's always nice to keep your options open.

I definitely feel inspired by your list, but I've tried doing goal lists like this in the past, and for me what happens is that the smaller, more reachable goals start taking my time away from my first, biggest goal: to be a successful novelist. So I think I'll put goal lists on the back burner, at least until I get the rough draft of my WIP done! But great job on all your progress--I want pics of you teaching Sadie tricks :)

Lauren said...

@Raph- That is so smart to set your goals from your values. Goals define what we do and it is so smart to define what you want to do by making sure they are inline with what is important to you in your life. Do you mind me asking from what values you set your goals?

@Shelli- Thanks :) I hope so. It's pretty exciting to think that I am helping them.

@GutsyWriter- I don't know the parents. It is all anonymous. They do know what I look like, as that was part of the process for them to pick me, but they don't know my name and I don't know anything about them.

@KLo- If you google 101 goals in 1001 days you can see lots of lists of other people and then can steal things that look good to you. You could even just start with a smaller list and add as you go.

@Ello- Thanks :) I was actually a little concerned that people would think it was weird to do, but everyone that I have told has responded positively.

@Lynn- You know, I don't think that I have ever posted a picture of Sadie on this blog at all, much less one of her doing tricks. I will try to get a good shot of her doing a Frisbee jump. Once she gets the "say your prayers" down right I think that will look pretty cute.

AvDB said...

You are an extraordinarily busy woman. That you've set out such a vast array of goals (and are actually pursing them) is impressive. I'm going to pop by here whenever I'm feeling sluggish to shame myself into moving. Translation--you're going to be seeing me alot. : )

Best of luck with the final semester and new job. And let me know about your burlesque class; I'm fascinated by that particular art.

Unknown said...

That's a fantastic start going by what you have achieved.

Here's wishing you luck for the next set of goals.

I like you "drops make an ocean approach" to goals.

Robyn Campbell said...

You have it all together, girl! # 25 is very cool! Bravo to you. Good luck getting it all done. Whew! you are busy! :)

Barrie said...

I look like a slug next to you! And, yes, being an egg donor is wonderful, giving goal. Please please keep us posted.

Kat Mortensen said...

For someone so young, being an "egg donor" is such a generous and thoughtful choice. Good for you!


Lauren said...

@Avery- Thanks :) Although usually one thing that falls to the weigh side is this blog :(

@T and S- I think that making slow and steady progress is the only way to go. I like your phrase "drops make an ocean" and it's true :)

@Robyn- I sometimes actually don't feel busy because I'm kinda always like this :)

@Duck- Thanks

@Barrie- Well, these are just goals. We will see how much I end up getting done!

@Poetikat- Thanks! I am dreading the process, but looking forward towards helping people :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you're doing well!

Lauren said...

@Duck- yes, thanks. Just busy. Had my first burlesque class yesterday. Should blog about that :)

stu said...

Well done on the progress. I might have to have a go at some of this goal setting.

Lauren said...

@stu- Thanks :) Good luck with your own goals. I'm going to make a real effort to write about more, but the updates really do help keep me feeling like I'm making progress, although I'm sure they are boring to read...:-P.

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