Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Mini-Me

My little niece, who I will call Mini-Me, is a second grader. That's us above. She and her sister, Blondie Girl, (same age) and brother, Little B, are such great little kids. Of course I am a bit biased, but they really are fun and smart and just plain cute.

Mini-Me looks a lot like a little mini-me--thus the nickname. We have similar skin tone, hair and eye color. She is a very tender-hearted little girl and sometimes that can be both a good and bad thing for her as other kids have been known to take advantage of that fact. She is a great big sister to her siblings. She tries to help her younger brother out whenever she can and tries to help him and other younger kids whenever she can. I don't think that she has ever met a person she disliked. Once a girl named Jessica was bullying her because Mini-Me was picked to be the teacher's helper. Mini-Me figured Jessica was acting that way because she wanted to be the helper so offered to share so that Jessica would feel better. Unfortunately this just pissed Jessica off even more which then just caused Mini0Me to ponder what she could do so that Jessica would be happier. She was sure there was some outside cause rather than Jessica just being a little brat. Aislynn believes that only unhappy people are mean so if you can help them be happy then they will be nice. How many kids want to help the bully? Unfortunatly, Jessica is just a brat (which may morph into another b word once jr high or high school hits). Poor Mini-Me still wishes she could help!

Mini-Me wants everyone to be happy with her and she tries very hard to be good at school. Upon receiving a bad grade in Math she went up to the teacher and requested extra homework problems because she felt like she needed extra practice in order to understand everything.

Today I went to see Mini-Me and her sister, Blondie Girl's, First Communion. It is a Catholic thing where the children are first allow to receive what we consider the body and blood of Jesus. (please keep any comments cultural and not religious). They were both so adorable in their dresses and veils, which my mom made for them.

Afterwords, we went to my sister's house for a little party. After the party Mini-Me and I sat on her Eagle's Nest (the little fort above a sandbox on the playset) and had a very long conversation about writing. We worked on some ideas for a story that I am going to write for them about a princess who can talk to a horse (that ends up actually being a unicorn). I told her about some of my blog buddies who are "real life writers" and others who were working towards it like me. She was so impressed with the concept of you published authors, especially Barrie Summy because of I So Don't Do Mysteries.

I tell you what, I think little Mini-Me one day could become a "real life writer". She had so many actually great ideas! The bit about the horse really being a unicorn was her idea. Also, I was so impressed by her willingness to help other children. She is trying to grow her hair to donate to Locks of Love, which I actually did a few years ago. She wanted to learn about other ways to help other kids and we spoke about donating old toys and some of the work I do with the Junior League and how it is good to give of your time to help other people. What a great kid!

I will post about Blondie Girl and Little B in the future, so stay tuned :)

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Charles Gramlich said...

Great story! Mini-me sounds like a wonderful young soul.

I still remember my communion day.

Lauren said...

@charles- thanks :) She is a wonderful young soul. I've really enjoyed watching her and her two siblings (who are equally, but uniquely awesome) develop their little personalities :)

Beth said...

Such sweet little girls - a beautiful picture. Reminded me of my first communion - way back....

(thanks for visiting my blog)

Anonymous said...

Mini-me is very cute! Great pictures.

That's also very cool that she is into writing and that you are encouraging her. She also sounds like an awesome person.

Robyn Campbell said...

I love this story. What an awesome kid! Thanks for following my blog, too. I love yours. The content is GREAT! :)

Lauren said...

@beth- thanks :) and I know what you mean about remembering First Communion, but all I can remember about mine was this felt board about our families that we had to create and that the dress was itchy!

@writer- She is a fun little person. I love her inner beauty the most. She only looks like me, I am no where near that

@robyn- thanks! She is pretty awesome :) It will be fun to see like when she gets older, but I will miss her being little.

The Blonde Duck said...

I want a mini-me! Such a cute story!

Lauren said...

@duck- Thanks :) It is fun being an aunt. I think I might even have "cool aunt" status.

Unknown said...

Mini-me looks like an angel in the communion shot.

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