Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week Wrap Up -- My week in Mexico

Last week I was in Mexico for a friend's wedding. It was the perfect week to be out of Chicago. The weather here was so unbelievably cold. One day it was -17F and that was without the windchill. With it the weather felt like -30F. Totally crazy.

However, the weather in Mexico was mostly rainy. That's me off to the right enjoying one of the few sunny days with a Strawberry Margarita.

Luckily, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was on Thursday, which was rainy all day up until about a half hour before the wedding. Brad and Anastasia are a super cute and very fun/awesome/nice couple. Anastasia looked simply gorgeous in her dress.

We got down on Saturday night. Sunday we lazied around and went into town. Monday we went on a Catamaran dinner cruise. Unfortunately, this was the day that the weather first started to turn. Wednesday we went out to Ek Balam, a Mayan village and also went to a small city and got to swim in a cenote, which is an underground lake, basically. This one had a hole at the top of the cavern that let in light. The hole was created by the roots of a tree and the root stretched down to the water. Simply beautiful.

We also went to Tulum, a Mayan village on the ocean. It gave me a great idea for a new novel, but I have to finish the current one first.

Saturday was the highlight of the trip. We did all these adventure things. We got to snorkel in an underground river, go on a zip line over the rain forest and go rappelling. Poor Anastasia didn't feel comfortable with the zip line and the rappelling, but everyone did have a very good day. We also got to try some real Mexican food, which was a nice change of pace from the resort food.

That little yellow dot is my helmate. This is me on the zip line flying over the rainforest. Pete was standing on the platform that I was going towards when this picture was taken.

I totally wish that I was still there. We have about a foot of snow on the ground here in Chicago and it is crazy cold.

This was my first time traveling with friends, and while I really only knew the bride and groom, by the end of the trip everyone was really friendly with everyone else. It was nice because you could do activities with the other people or you could go do something by yourself and no one cared either way. I'm already getting excited about my next Although it won't be for at least a year.

I didn't do much actual writing, but I did alot of world building and plotting. This week I will be writing ~1k words per day. Next week classes start back up so I want to make sure that I am productive before that happens.

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Lola Starr said...

Sounds like you had great fun and I love the pictures. Especially that waterfall one, so gorgeous! Good luck with the writing! I managed to get the first 10k of my new one done this last week so was very pleased. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

My wife and I have talked a lot about visiting Mexico. We fully intend to get there. We want to see some of the old ruins. Looks like you had fun, and quite a contrast to Chicago in winter.

Lauren said...

@Karma-10K wow! way to go!!! I can only hope that I can be as productive.

@Charles- Mexico is beautiful. Despite all the press about safety, I felt very secure in the area we were at (Playa del Carmen/Cancun areas). They are crazy protective of their tourists. It does cost a fair bit, but was *much* cheaper than I was expecting. The ruins were awesome to see, especially Tulum. I hear that February/March tends to be the best times to visit. I hope that you guys are able to get down there sometime.

Lauren said...

@karma- by the way, it's actually not a waterfall but roots of a huge tree that is above the opening and growing towards the underground lake (which is the water that you see). This is the inside of a cave.

Andrea Coulter said...

the zip line looks totally fun! Glad that at least someone got to escape the winter weather for a while :)

Good luck with the writing!

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