Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Actually, it's a happy belated birthday. The big 2-6 was on the 16th.

First, an announcement. I've picked a title for my novel: Prophecy's Tool. And a sad fact. I had to cut a 2k work scene that wasn't doing anything for the plot line. :( Back down to 19.5k. I hope to get it back to 20k again by EOD.

On to the main topic of my blog. I'm a huge resolution fan. One of my favorite quotes is: "If you don't know where you're going, you won't know when you get there." Does anyone else set birthday resolutions or is it just me?

Here are my resolutions:
* Lose 10 pounds
* Begin an exercise routine
* Eat more healthfully

* Socialize at least 3x a week
* Write at least 100 words a day
* Finish Prophecy's Tool in 6 months

* Take enough classes to be enrolled in my last semester by my next birthday
* Eat in 3x a week (might be contrary to the socialize one)
* Save 2k a month
* Get out of all debt (really don't have much) (not counting mortgage)

* Once webisodes are done, audition at least once a month for new movies/plays
* Finish the website for AnyGift (long story)

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LoveRundle said...

Happy Birthday, mine was yesterday. I've been meeting a lot of Virgos this year. I guess it's just that time in my life to have Virgo friends.

You are very active in the acting world.

Lauren said...

Christina, Happy Birthday to you too! I'm not terribly active in the acting world. I'd just like to be more active, which isn't too hard in Chicago as this is where many actors go to build their resume before heading to NYC or LA. I just enjoy doing it and meet people who do it professionally (or want to do it professionally :) ).

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Happy birthday! My half-birthday was yesterday. :)

Your goals are great! I think it's smart to set them whenever it works for you. It's too easy to get swept up at the new year, then toss them aside like everyone else.

Good luck!

LoveRundle said...

If you hit LA let me know. We could meet up for lunch or Disneyland. That's the one thing about living out here, if you live in LA you probably have a season pass to Disneyland.

Lauren said...

Christina- same to you about Chicago! Although just lunch...we don't have DisneyLand :-P

Duck said...

Unless that profile picture of yours is out of date, you don't appear to have 10 pounds to lose. Just sayin'.

Lauren said...

Thanks for that, Duck :). The pic is from last August. Basically I want to get back to that weight so that I don't have to get new clothes! lol. I'm about half way there--or was before the holidays, which is what did me in last year. :-P

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