Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writing Clip

I've finished a full novel.  It's written, revised about fifteen times, beta read, work-shopped.
It took me about four years.

Okay, there were lots of starts and stops.  I once (towards the beginning  went a year without touching it.  There were many periods of a couple months where I didn't touch it.  Some of those breaks were between drafts.  Some of them were due to work issues.

That novel is done.  I really enjoyed it, but it's in the trunk.

It's time to move on.

My new goal?  Finish my first draft of my new book by June.  That's a little over 16 weeks.  My goal would be 500 words each weekday and 2500 words on Saturday.  If I hit my goal, I can revise on Sunday.  Revision is my reward.

The novel is already outlined, so that should help.

I'm going to start blogging here again to mark my progress.  Complain about what's happening or relish in what is going well.

How about you other writers out there?  What's a normal clip for you?

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