Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where I Write

We all write somewhere. Most of my "writing" involves day dreaming what my characters will be up to next and that's done walking around town, but as for physically putting words to paper (or data to screen as the case may be) I do most of my writing around my condo or at various coffee shops...but since I am trying desperately to cut back on caffeine, I'm now stuck to the condo.

This is my desk.  I am suppose to write here, but normally do not.

This techically is not my desk, but Pete has the comfortable chair and I have the cute one.  I like to look at the cute chair and sit at the comfortable one...since I can't really see what I am sitting on, it makes much more sense to sit at Pete's desk.  Also, his screen is bigger :-P


While this isn't the best ergonomically, I enjoy writing at the bench at the dining room (well, open/big/main room) table.  I get to spread all my papers of notes and thoughts around me.


I also like to write at the sofa.  Skittles the cat likes it to as she enjoys to take residence on the arm of the sofa.  I couldn't get her to sprawl over it like she usually does...she was too interested in what I was doing.  She is my writing buddy and usually sits near me while I write. 

Where do you write?  Do you like to write at home or away from home?  Does anyone belong to those "writer workplaces" where you can go to a place that is for writers and write there?  I was thinking about joining one.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Today I'm writing on the laptop while propped up in bed. My legs have been bothering me after too many days at the computer desk.

Travis Erwin said...

I simply cannot write off a laptop. Only pad and paper or a desktop will do for me.

Anonymous said...

I guess I do most of my writing at work on lunch break. Or, at home on the laptop, wherever we have it at the moment. If I'm writing at home it has to be after the kids are asleep because my 1 year old rips keys off the keyboard.

Rick said...

You are so inventive! I write at the same desk every day. The good thing, though, is that my adjustment time to new surroundings is zero!

Lauren said...

@charles- I end up falling asleep if I try to do that!

@travis- That is how I am with revisions...I print out my MS and then make all the changes and then type 'em in...but that is back at the laptop again.

@writer- That's so great that you use whatever "stolen" moment you can!

@rick- It's not inventive so much as I get bored easily. Often I will rotate between all spots in a single day.

Barbara Martin said...

Often I sit in my easy armchair with a pad or scribbler and work on sections of an ongoing WIP. Later those bits will go into the computer. I rarely write on the computer except for quick entries if I happen to be there. If outside I have a little notebook in my purse to jot down phrases that occur to be later developed on the pad/scribbler.

Andrea Coulter said...

I like to write on the couch. My desk chair isn't the most comfortable.

Btw, we have that decanter too!

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