Friday, July 9, 2010

July Update

Hello Everyone in BlogLand!  I hope that your first 1/3 of the summer has been productive!  I cannot believe that it is flying by so quickly!

My summer has started out pretty well.  I found a new job (yey!!!) and will be starting that on the 19th.  I am sooo unbelievably excited.  I'm ready to start today!  Some of you may recall all the drama at my current job...and for keeping-my-crappy-job-sake, it was only the tip!  I'm very excited to be leaving this drama behind me.

I went to Charleston on vacation last week to visit some of my hubby's family and stopped at the smokey mountains on our way back.  I worked on a short story and a lot of technical documentation and training material so that was fun and different.  I'm hoping to get back to my novel here in the next few weeks which has been on ice for about nine months while I've been doing all these other projects.

I have also worked on alot of my 101 things in 1001 days over the past couple of months so here they are!  I threw in a couple pics for good measure :)

# 17 Get a leadership position in JLC (1/1)
I co-chaired the associate clothing drive.  We raised $1400! :)
# 23 Timeshare a sailboat for a summer (1/1)

Doin it right now!  That is the view from "our" sailboat.  We get it about 3-4 times a month for the summer.

# 36 Do ten "touristy" things in Chicago (6/10)
 Biked Lakeshore Drive, Played around at Navy Pier, Checked out Buckingham Fountain

# 40 Get caught up on dental work (1/1)
Bit the bullet and did it!

# 54 Create a budget and stick to it for three months (doesn't have to be consecutive) (1/4)
Created the to stick to it :(

# 63    Go skiing  (1/1)
It was just baby skiiing up in Wisconsin, but it was still fun :)  I do still want to go out West sometime.

# 64 Visit fifteen states (5/15)
I went to:

California (above--the vineyard Becky and I biked through),
Indiana (many times to visit my family),

South Carolina (above--the beach at sunset),
Tennessee (on the way back from SC to go white water rafting),
Wisconsin (back in early March to go skiing)

# 65 Visit to Central America, Mexico, Africa, Europe, Caribbean (1/5)

Went to Cabo over Thanksgiving...forgot to say that!

# 67 Girls Only Trip (1/1)

California wine country with my friend Becky!  We went to San Fran then to Napa and did some biking around the area. 

# 68 Go white water rafting (1/1)
Went in Tennesee last week.  In addition to white water rafting I also went white water canoeing!

# 95 Take each kid out to something fun three times (4/9)
Took the girls out to Ben and Ari's and seperatly, bowling!

# 102 Host twenty dinner parties with food from various cultures (2/20)

Mexican and Creole.  Above is the Creole Mardi-Gras-Lite Dinner

2 tidbits:

Charles Gramlich said...

I've stopped making lists. I know I'm probably not gonna get 'em done. Congrats on the job and the productivity.

Lauren said...

I like making makes me feel like I know everything I have to do. I'm not as good at following the list :-P

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