Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I did over my Fall "Blogging Vacation"

Hello everyone out in blog-land! How I have missed reading your blogs and posting about my writing journey! I've been so involved and engrossed in classes plus work that I've had no time to do anything else. Well, that is not completely true. I have managed to work on some of my 1001 things to do. So, I figured that my first post back would be about all of the things that I have been working on. Most notably, and the main reason for not blogging......I finally gradated!

#38 Graduate from college! Not only did I graduate, but I also managed to get As in both my sr level math classes! I'd say not to brag, but in this case I do want to! :)

#51 Put up a place for Skittles to enjoy that is just for her. I got her a little heat reflecting pad and put it on the counter above the fridge.

#52 Decorate main room. We installed a new backsplash and put up a clock on the blank wall. We still have to seal and buff the backsplash so I'll post pics after we've done that.

#53 Refinance condo. This was a super big pain because of the economy, but we finally were able to do it!

#55 Out from PMI. We ended up going with a 15 year FHA mortgage and then didn't have to get monthly PMI.

#58 Get a financial adviser. We are going to use our insurance guy, but first before we can really leverage him we have to save up our emergency fund, which is number 57 anyways :)

#74 Swim with dolphins. We did this in Cabo over Thanksgiving weekend.

#77 ATV somewhere. We did this in Cabo as well.

#104 Do something with a friend they have never done before. My friend Rob who I met while doing study abroad in Australia came to visit and it was his first time in America. So showing him around counts :) That and I fed him homemade chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and he is going to make sure my beta readership is international :)

For the amount of time that this covers I've not done too much, but school took a lot out of me. Also, with the changes at work some of my professional goals have shifted so I might need to make new goals for some of those.

Anyhoo, now that I have completed school I have time to blog and to write! Yey! :)

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Spy Scribbler said...

Sr Level Math definitely calls for bragging and applauding! Very impressive! :-)

Wow, you've done a lot! You totally have! I've always wanted to swim with dolphins. And I'd love to get my finances in order like you!

Quite inspiring list. And CONGRATULATIONS, Lauren!

Andrea Coulter said...

Congrats! And welcome back.
P.S. My cat wants one of those mats :)

Bernita said...

You have every right to brag and BRAG!

stu said...

Sounds like you've been very busy indeed.

Anonymous said...

You are a rock star. Congrats on the graduation and math A's!


Lauren said...

@natasha- Thanks :) Swimming with dolphins was amazing! Their skin felt like velvet...I wasn't expecting that.

@Lynn- Those mats are awesome! Be a good christmas present for your kitty :)

@Bernita- Thanks :)

@stu- I try :) Although, really has been less busy on a quantity of items and more just focused, which is unusual for me :)

@writer- Thanks :) I was paranoid that I was going to fail one of the classes so I was super surprised when I saw the grades :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Congratulations. Especially on that graduation thing! Whoo hoo!

Lauren said...

@Charles- Thanks :) It still hasn't quite set in yet! I'm sure that it will this evening as I go over to the coffee shop instead of Roosevelt University!

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