Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Am I So Busy?

So on my last post I talked about being so busy. I decided to write a little about what makes me so busy.

I have two primary focuses. Everything I do is to go towards these two goals:
1) Publish a Novel
2) Get in to Grad School (MBA at Northwestern or Chicago)

Part One is what this whole blog is about. Most of you reading my blog are going through the same Write, Revise, Repeat Cycle and know all about it. (If you don't keep reading my blog and you'll soon find out :-P).

For Part Two, the two MBA programs that I want to get into are two of the top five. Only around 15-20% of applicants get in. I hadn't finished my undergrad and the classes I did take had a bad GPA so to get into a good program I have to do a little bit extra to hopefully make up for the GPA issues:
* Finish school (which will take until this time next year since I only have a couple classes) and get As on classes I accomplish (which will be hard since I'm finishing up a Math degree and those classes are just evil.)
* Excel at work (partially okay since I'm a Dir of IT, but I'm trying to do some entrepreneurial work on the side to help--I'm doing the programming for a small company for equity and I'm starting a small promotional company on the side which I hope to flip in a year and a half to help pay for grad school)
* Be active in the community through philanthropic organizations (I joined the Junior League of Chicago, I'm looking at joining the Catholic Charities Jr Board and might join the Associate Board at the Stepehenwolf Theater)
* Take the GMAT, planning on doing it in the summer.

So, the only things that I do lead to helping me accomplish my two goals. Problem is that my first goal usually gets pushed aside. But not now that I have my sacred writing time. Talking about writing, I think that I am going to do that right now :)

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Rachel Burton said...

Wow, you are busy. And ambitious! My husband is in the MBA program at Northwestern right now. It was a slog preparing his admissions stuff! I'm sure you probably already have connections in the program, but if you have any questions for him about the admissions process or the program, just let me know.

Lola Starr said...

You are WAY busy. I totally understand that feeling. Except you have like big, important goals going on here. I just have several writing projects going on at the same time (including a movie script which will start filming when it's done being written) and planning for moving abroad. You make me feel like a slacker. ;)

LoveRundle said...

I hear that not many people who start out writing a novel actually finish so you've already accomplished 75% of the "getting published" goal. Congrats on that.

Duck said...

Holy cow I feel inadequate reading what you're up to there. I need to get my butt in gear... Good luck with accomplishing all of those things!

Lauren said...

Duck-well, i'm attempting not necessarily accomplishing, and therein lies part of the problem :)

Lauren said...

Rachel- Sorry that I didn't follow up with your kind offer about advice for the Northwestern program. I have one friend in it right now, but that's it. I probably will have a couple of questions for you closer to the date.

Karma- Movie script that will start filming! That's awesome!

Christina- Thanks for the congrats :)

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