Wednesday, July 9, 2008

14k and a Play

It seems so sad to be sitting at 14k words when I had 20k a couple of months ago. But between pulling apart the two story lines and moving to first person, I lost a lot of scenes and I had to go back and do alot of replotting. The writing that I have now is much more shored up--which is good. And the writing doesn't make me cringe so much--which is better.

Tomorrow I am going try and put in 1k more of plot and then I'm going to go over what I've got so far and make it better. I think that my goal will be to do that every 15k (but only over that 15k).

I'm going to the theator tonight with the hubby and some of our friends. Going to see Aint Misbehavin at the Goodman here in Chicago. Should be good fun :)

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Andrea Coulter said...

I know how depressing it is to take steps backwards in word count, but yeah, sometimes it's just the best thing to improve the novel. As long as we realize that it's all part of the process and that it's really a step forward in becoming a better writer, we can keep on keeping on! Good luck!

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