Friday, April 25, 2008

To Write or Not To Write

Out on the inter-tubes there are several discussions going on about why writers write and if they would continue even if they would never be published (book ends and spy scribbler). Most of the responses are along the lines of "my muse is burning a hole through my heart every minute I am not employing her". I think that's totally awesome. I wish my muse was more hard-ass.

So why do I write? I'm creative. I like making things. That's why I'm a software developer. Stop development can be a very creative process. Building something out of nothing. Taking ideas and bringing them to live. Making something. Seriously, there are lots of similarities between what I like about my job and what I like about writing.

Writing is my hobby and I do have other hobbies besides writing. I like to knit. I am learning how to sew. I enjoy interior decor. I get great joy out of the fact that my condo looks nicer than the others in my 4-flat. I'm just competitive down to my bones. What's competition to a writer? Getting published. So yes, if I knew I would never get published, I wouldn't want to write. However, I'm stubborn so I'd probably keep trying to get published and wouldn't believe who ever told me that.

Another hobby of mine is reading. This is why I want to write. I want someone who I don't know read my book and get the same enjoyment out of it that I get out of other authors' works. The more marketable my books are, the more likely they will get published, the more likely the next one will be published and the more likely someone will wonder into Barnes and Nobel's and give me the privilege of leading them on an adventure through my world.

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